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  • Alonzi, Peter; Irons, Robert; Razaki, Khalid A. (2010)
    The failure to recognize the full risks of lending contributed to the financial markets crisis. Fueling the crisis was asymmetrical information with its attendant moral hazard. We show that basing bank managers' compensation ...
  • Razaki, Khalid A.; Koprowski, Wayne; Alonzi, Peter; Irons, Robert (2010-10)
    The recent financial crisis offers instructors rich material for business programs regarding the relations between accounting, business law, economics, and finance, as well as ethical issues. This paper offers a concrete ...
  • Alonzi, Peter; Irons, Robert; Razaki, Khalid A. (2015)
    This paper addresses the question of why the student loan crisis has arisen through the use of a demand and supply model. The model serves as a framework for analyzing the student-borrower motivations (the demand side), ...
  • Alonzi, Peter (2013-09-30)
    The discipline of economics attunes one’s senses to the presence of God in all one does. If you think not, this paper’s two steps — first a warm up contemplation of a physical structure, St. John’s University Bell Banner, ...
  • Razaki, Khalid A.; Alonzi, Peter; Irons, Robert (2010-02)
    The global economic crisis that started in 2007 was the result of systemic failures in the U.S. and global financial systems. There was a monumental failure in various financial systems, markets, institutions, processes, ...
  • Alonzi, Peter (2014-10-03)
    In this session we pause to be mindful of what we do and who we are -- Mission. Through this mindfulness we sneak up to find the deep centering of our Motto -- Caritas Veritas. The first part of this session focuses our ...



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